Umpqua Watershed Inc Project Team
Project: New Mobile App
Organization: Umpqua Watershed Inc
  • Private Group
  • This project will involve developing a prototype into a full-stack iOS/Android mobile app that allows people in rural areas to access our news, radio, podcast, and other resources relating to Umpqua Watershed. The current radio station only transmits 15 miles maximum. An app will allow those of our community to listen on their phones.
Needed Skills:
Databases (AWS, SQL, NoSQL, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL/SQL) (3), Fullstack Web (2), Graphic Design (1), React Native (5), UI (4), UX (3)

Additional Skills:
C++ (3), Expo (2), Figma or other Prototyping Tools (6), HTML/CSS (7), Java (7), JavaScript (6), Python (8), GraphQL (1), Heroku (1), Node.js (2), React (2), REST API (2), R (2), Squarespace or WordPress or other Content Management Systems (3), Tableau (2), Firebase (1), NLP (1)