Social Income Project Team
Project: New Mobile App
Organization: Social Income
  • Private Group
  • This project’s aim is to empower young people in West Africa to develop digital fluency and an entrepreneurial approach to community-based problem solving through a system of direct cash payments onto mobile phones. Our main goal is both to lessen economic pressure on young people in regions that are hard hit by global inequality and to give them the tools and means to build solutions for local problems that make an innovative use of their community’s assets.
Needed Skills:
Flutter (2), Fullstack Web (1), Graphic Design (1), Java (4), React Native (0), Swift (2), UI (3), UX (3)

Additional Skills:
Figma or other Prototyping Tools (2), Tableau (2), C++ (2), HTML/CSS (3), Python (3), Squarespace or WordPress or other Content Management Systems (5), Databases (AWS, SQL, NoSQL, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL/SQL) (1), JavaScript (3), React (1), Firebase (1), Flask (1), Heroku (1), R (1)