CARE Somalia Project Team
Project: New Web App
Organization: CARE Somalia
  • Private Group
  • Maternal mortality in Somali is one of the highest globally. Sociocultural issues are among factors attributed to the high maternal mortality. CARE intends to use technology and education to address the obstacles on skilled delivery. Poor or lack of education results in women not able to track their clinic visits and delivery date which this project hopes to address.
Needed Skills:
Databases (AWS, SQL, NoSQL, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL/SQL) (5), Express.js (4), HTML/CSS (6), JavaScript (6), Node.js (5), React (6)

Additional Skills:
C++ (3), Expo (1), Figma or other Prototyping Tools (5), Fullstack Web (4), GraphQL (2), Python (5), React Native (1), REST API (4), Graphic Design (1), Java (5), UI (3), UX (3), R (1), Flask (1), Ionic (1), NLP (1), Squarespace or WordPress or other Content Management Systems (2), Heroku (2), Swift (1)